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Wicker storage chest – Wicker baskets are an excellent resource to help maintain order. And they are highly decorative and being natural materials give any space a “plus” of warmth. In the living room we can use to store cushions, magazines or also plaids.

Posted on November 16, 2017 Hardware

In the kitchen wicker storage chest are perfect for decorating forgotten corners. And in it we can store all kinds of things. If you have an extra room where the laundry makes this resource to organize clothes you will be very useful because sometimes we have long shelf but everything seems messy if they are not putting things in baskets and / or boxes.

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Wicker Storage ChestSize: 933 x 622

Wicker Storage Chest SizeSize: 1000 x 1152

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In the office, the baskets are very useful. In them we can use them to keep papers that want to recycle, we cut fabric, paper rolls … that depends on what you dedicate yourself! We love wicker storage chest in areas such as the bathroom, which are generally cold areas, because with this material will bring warmth. In addition to excellent leaving towels and because not for toilet rolls. In here we leave an idea and picture that we liked a lot! Also Wicker baskets hung are perfect to make soaps and towels. How about you?