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Railing planters – Rail planters add a touch of beauty to unexpected places, also ideal for small decks or patios. You can put a rail planter to any sturdy railing able to support planter, potting soil and your plants. For a graceful look, fill your planter with a wide spreading plant. This will produce a cascade of leaves or flowers. For themed decor, design a rail planter that matches your furniture or other design elements.

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Prepar the hammer, nails and a saw. And you can build a fairly simple tree railing planters that sits astride your banister. For planter to work, you must have sufficiently broad railing, ideally made of wooden planks or other sturdy material. A narrow track made of wrought iron will not be sufficient for this type of planter.

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As for any railing planters design must enough to support a plant, potting soil, and in this case, a somewhat heavy wooden planter. Design planter to form an almost regular rectangular box, with its lower edge just slightly wider than the handrail. However, to enable the planter to sit securely, making its more vertical sides extending downwardly several inches below the top of the railing, as the “anchor” it into place, lowering the center of gravity.