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5 drawer dresser – Do you open your comfortable and it looks like a raccoon slept there? Do you feel you have more clothes than you can store? Organize a comfortable is a great solution for any of those problems and can also help you be sure that all your favorite clothes are used equally rather than just always. Determines that you can get rid garments. Take all your clothes to start your project organization comfortable.

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Check all the clothes and determines which one throw. Look for items that you do not go, already out of fashion, with some spot or other signs of wear and do not use frequently. The clothes that are in good condition can be donated but which are in poor condition simply can dispose of them. You can save some items for sentimental reasons even if after all this time are useless. Find them another use, such as making a mat or blanket shirts, so do not remove space in your 5 drawer dresser. It’s time to get rid of some casual or everyday clothing that you have not used in a year. Formal garments may be unused for a little longer.

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Separate garments stations. Now you’ve limited the garments keep him, separate them by the station that is appropriate. You can change the content of your comfort for warm weather or cold weather and keep the clothes that are not seasonal in a plastic bag in your closet or basement until you need them. You can also save the items that are not seasonal in a box under your bed. Finally, put your clothes on very cold winter in recent 5 drawer dresser. It is best for your comfort. Organize your clothes by type. Organize all your clothes according to their function. Usually you’ll have delicate, pajamas, casual shirts, dress shirts, casual pants, and dress pants, sweaters thick and thin sweaters.

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Actually, pants should be kept separately, such as sweaters, so that separates one drawer for these garments. Generally, these garments can be divided nicely between 5 drawer dresser. Delicate and pajamas clothes in a drawer, shirts in another, pants in the third, and sweaters and other garments in the five drawers. They must be kept separate sweaters to protect them from moths and also lint from all other clothes. Generally, the pants should be folded differently from T-shirts and avoid wrinkles if you keep them separate. Organize your clothes according to their function.