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Plastic Patio Chair – The plastic patio chair are durable, lightweight and waterproof. These chairs can last for many years if they are cleaned and stored properly. They will develop stains from dirt, oil, or even mold, but if you do not clean them regularly during the warm weather months. Pollutants from the air, along with bird droppings, tree sap, food and even perspiration or suntan oils make the chairs dirty. Clean them at least once a week during heavy use. What was once sure to be a poor job at best is now a relatively easy task that results in a beautiful new look for your furniture. Between the improvement of the quality of the colors in the market and improved systematic techniques, you are required to have a successful project, if you follow a little prep work and attention to detail.

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Paint plastic patio chair, Put on goggles and preparing a water and bleach in your bucket at a ratio of three parts water to one part bleach. Apply the solution either by spraying or using rags to coat the surface. This will get rid of any mold on the chairs. Allow the solution to remain in the chair for about 20 minutes. Using the water hose, rinse the seat thoroughly. Scrub the wheelchair with detergent mixture to remove the remaining dirt and rinse thoroughly with water hose. Leave the chair to dry completely.

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Grind the surface so that it is ready to receive the primer. Wearing a face mask and use the fine grit sand paper, sand the entire surface of the chair to roughen the texture. This will improve the adhesion qualities of the primer. Apply a high adhesion bonding primer suitable for outdoor use on plastic. Spread out the plastic cloth. Spray the primer on the surface of the seat, which includes all parts to provide a solid bond between the plastic patio chair and what is going to paint the topcoat. Let the primer dry overnight. Apply a second coat of primer and let it dry thoroughly. Never leave a primer unpainted.

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Apply an acrylic exterior latex topcoat to finish your patio chair with desired color. There are lots of colors, sheen and finishes to choose from. Spray the entire surface of the chair, making sure to coat evenly. Allow 24 hours for the chair to dry completely before use. Keep your chairs by washing them occasionally with a mild detergent and water solution followed by a clear water rinse. Treat any mold outbreaks with a mild bleach and water solution followed by a clear water rinse. With minimal care, should your plastic patio chair look beautiful indefinitely without fading or warping.