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White desk chair – This new work shows how paint and renew some old chairs to give an updated and bright touch. We show you step by step, so that you remain divine. The first show you how they got to the shop, black, black, but beautiful as seen in the photo. They liked me at first sight. And yes, there were six chairs to renew.

Posted on November 11, 2017 Interiors Furniture

We’re going to work with recovery. Step 1:  After a first diagnosis, the docks carrying value and decided to keep them in white desk chair. We detect who were not infected and that some of them had to be glued. Then, we remove the seat fabric and full backup and proceeded to glue them and reinforce them. Step 2: perform with Mouse sander pickling paint in areas where later going to make the pickling to thereby prevent appear black wood. Step 3:  With gun and our matte painting extra-old white Mary Paint, we took a first hand as inside backs was very difficult to access with the brush and the result was perfect. We did not give primer for paint we use is so fantastic that adheres to any surface.

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Step 4:  A brush we gave the final coat of paint. I personally finishing spray I do not like so I end all the furniture by hand, the result is more natural and handmade, but if you prefer the traditional coating, spray a second coat of paint the finished leaves. In the next picture I show the second hand to hand. Step 5: Paint chairs in white pickled. With sandpaper water, specifications 120-220 grains went smoothly wearing edges and edges. This process is the most expensive and which must be done with more care. TIP 1.  We must study well the piece and appreciate that areas may have suffered more wear over time not to perform painting white desk chair breaks where never occurred.

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COUNCIL 2.  Another tip would be that the stripping, seek ye not scratch the rest of the painting, if it happens, when you apply , any subsequent patina, scratches collect the product and the result will not be as expected. Step 6:  This step is optional, as the paint is extra mate, if we are in the need to give a touch of brightness can finish the job with satin varnish or shine, in our case, the finish white desk chair was a wax, use wax colorless liquid Lake one. So this is tips for you.