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Brushed nickel towel bar – In a few days I will be traveling on a tour! Today I started aprontar bag and mainly to make my belongings to keep them. It occurred to me that I could customize them with some simple crafts.  And I chose to embroider my initials to be sure that nobody will mistake, but while thinking options, I found other Ideas to decorate the bath towels that you cannot miss.

Posted on December 3, 2017 Hardware

Brushed nickel towel bar idea is perfect for hand towels small. You only need about 10 cm narrow ribbon and a sewing machine or also for alternatively, thread and needle. At one end of the towel sew a ribbon color you like and go! A simple idea to hang your towels anywhere. If you have several pieces of cloth and do not know what to do with them, not the despise! They are ideal for this craft. So, cut out the letters of your name and machine sews them on the towel. Is there not great?

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A super simple craft to give some style to your bathroom. You see, you simply have to place a bracelet with pasta basins in the hand towel and ready. You can also try a delicate bracelet lined with wool balls. The best choice is the one that best suits your style of design. Meanwhile brushed nickel towel bar decoration is perfect for having nice and delicate hand towels. Choose the fabric pattern that you like, and then make a tape of about 7 cm wide and collocated a delicate ornament with shiny stones to give a super chic and glamorous style.