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Rubber stair treads – Rubber stair treads provide a slip resistant surface to install in each of the steps on a ladder, especially outdoor areas. Treads reduce the risks of falling or losing your balance. Fixing rubber treads security to your stairs are a two-step process with glue and screws to hold the material in place. The project is not complex, but it is time. We always say that the aesthetic decoration has value – and much – but security must prioritize it so that we and our families can make the most of each environment.

Posted on November 13, 2017 Decor Ideas

There are many cases of people who have been seriously injured when he slipped on an oil spill on the kitchen floor or slip on the outside rubber stair treads after a day of rain these slip tapes offer a much safer traffic since its placement will be almost entirely avoiding these accidents. The application of slip tapes does not require professional jobs. These are presented in adhesive rolls to be placed on the dry and clean floor as a “tape”. These slip tapes are made of polyester and mineral particles, which makes them highly resistant to traffic and thus also to the different changes weather so it can be placed without any problem in the outer area of the house.

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Placing non-skid tape is very simple, in a few simple steps will explain how: 1- Clean the surface: Start thoroughly clean the surface where the slip tapes holds wilt. Remove all dust and debris from cracked or loose paint. Use sandpaper to smooth out the surface and then brush to finish removing all dust. If the surface is stained with oil or grease, use a detergent product to completely remove it. 2- Cut the rubber stair treads to use: With a knife or scissors the size of the tape you use to make it easier placement. A tip: rounded tip does not have to be perfectly round, it’s just a trick to prevent then off easily.

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3- Glue: Some slip tapes are self- adhesive, in those cases only have to remove the protective layer back rubber stair treads and it is best to do as you go sticking on the surface. If you have to prepare glue, use special glue. Paints and floor slip strips, allowed to dry for 15 minutes and then join them. 4- Adelaide the floor: To adhere more closely to the floor, apply force with gentle strokes given with a rubber hammer or rubber.