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Brushed nickel mirror framed mirrors can add an effect to decor of a room. Mirror itself will catch and reflect light and reflection mirror visually expand space. Style of framework will enhance style of room. Generally, larger mirror, larger or wider framework should be to seek appropriate. Special care should be take that mirror is well support by frame due mirrors are usually quite heavy. Select high – quality frames when you want to frame your mirror.

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Then, select a style brushed nickel mirror frame is rate for weight of mirror. Frames often smaller metal are assemble with slotted screws, maintained that pressure may be insufficient to substantial pesos. Mirrors over 24 by 36 centimeters – often look better with larger frames 4 inches. Mount frame with screws provided with frame by frame company. And then place assembled frame on table. Cut cardboard same size as mirror. Place cardboard on back of mirror to protect mirror gouges and scratches.

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Put mirror and cardboard down on table. With some types of brushed nickel mirror frames, you will need to mount top and sides, leaving bottom of individual frame. With these styles, mirror moves within frame through lower opening. Place bottom of frame following manufacturer’s recommendations. Position springs back pressure between cardboard and back of frame. Place springs every six inches along all sides. Normally, spring is 2 inches long and smooth bell – shapes curve. Press down on center of spring and slide it into frame. When you release pressure of your finger, spring is pressed against back of card to hold mirror forward. Finally, you get new frame mirror with nickel.

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