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Thermostatic valve – The thermostatic valve is a valve whose opening is proportional to the difference. The different is between the temperature set by the user on the temperature sensor and the measured ambient temperature. The purpose of the thermostatic valve is to maintain the ambient temperature equal to the one set on the thermostatic head. So when the ambient temperature is equal to the set temperature, the valve regulates closing.

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The thermostatic valve is a temperature controller of the heating body. They acting on the flow rate of water passing through it. Expansion of the liquid contained in the head / sensor controll the valve plug. The rise in ambient temperature then causes the shutter forward until it will go to the end.  And then completely close the valve at the set temperature in the adjusting ring.

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In this way, the heating body will no longer be fed and when the room temperature will correspond to that set will cool completely. When the local temperature drops below the set temperature, the valve will begin to open and circulate hot water in the heating body. The work is with enter in the local heat to counteract the decrease of temperature. We can think that the thermostatic valve is a P-type controller, i.e. proportional.