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Red leather sofa – Leather is durable, earth and supports a wide selection of materials. When decorating a living room around a leather sofa, consider the play of color and textures of the room work collectively to create a style or mood. For a living work, their decorative options must work together. A red leather sofa can add a modern or traditional look to your decor, depending on the style and color. With such a bold piece of furniture, it is best to plan the rest of the room so it complements the sofa, not compete with it. What color choice for wall, floor and accents should be based on the color of the sofa. A red hot work better with other warm colors and cool colors cool red is needed to make it stand out.

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Consider the soil. If you already have carpeting or wood floors and does not plan to replace them, you should buy a red couch working with existing tones. A warm wooden floor works best with a hot red leather sofa. Warm reds have an orange or yellow tone to them while fresh red have a blue or violet shade. Use a color wheel. You can buy a color wheel at any art store. Complementary colors are the colors on the right and left and right across the color choice. In the case of red, this would reddish orange, violet and green red.

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Gather paint samples. Many paintings are divided by heats and cools, so you can select the ones that best match the sofa. Try blue and green to red cooled. Best tones and bright primary colors highlight a cool red leather sofa. Try aqua, green or blue-green pine. A royal blue or deep purple also compensate the red. Add a splash of color or animal print to your floor. Place soft carpets or leather jacket on the floor in front of his leather sofa. Choose a bold color such as red, or break a monochromatic room with a recorded animal.

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Try warm yellows to red leather sofa. If your sofa has red tones orange or yellow, you can select from a variety of hot orange or yellow paint. You can also look blue and green with a warm or yellow. Yellow-green, moss or taupe paint will work well. Add accent pieces to complete the look of your living room. Consider ways to recycle furniture. For example, fill a glass screen with fresh or artificial flowers or fill a set of rustic terracotta pots with green plants. Natural pieces incorporate as many as possible to play with the natural appearance of your leather sofa.