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Stainless steel vent hood – If your GE profile vent hood suddenly noisier, or ceases to hit longer, the problem is probably in the fan motor. The fan motor powers the fan that helps vent hood make its efforts to clean the air. Replacing the Blower is not difficult and can do at a DIY with only a few tools.

Posted on December 6, 2017 Hardware

The main purpose of GE profile exhaust vent is to remove vapors and cooking odors, either by passing the air through a filter and clean it for recirculation in the kitchen or by venting the outside air via the duct system. Profile series of vent caps come in a variety of models styles and materials, including stainless steel vent hood.

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Turn off the electricity supply to the stainless steel vent hood cap on the main switch before starting work. Pull the motor plug out of the socket. Loosen the screws holding the motor and fan assembly in place using a screwdriver. Then, screw holding the fan on the motor shaft and pull the fan off the shaft. Release the fan back on new motor shaft and secure it with the screw. Replace engine exhaust hood and screw it into place before replacing the filter. Insert the motor back in its electrical plugs, replace the filter screen and restore power at the main switch.

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