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Shower safety bars – Showers are a quick and refreshing way to start or end a day. Adding them to powder rooms or expand them in full bath increases the utility of these rooms and adds value to the home. Homeowners can make their showers as large as needed. But building codes are minimum sizes.

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Showers should have a security angle bar attached to two walls to provide support when standing. Shower safety bars will also serve as an aid to help with sitting or rising on a bath chair. Slippery shower floor should cover with silicone rubber treads and non-slip suction mats. A non-slip floor mat should place on the floor outside the shower or bath.

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Great Shower Safety BarsSize: 1002 x 1002

Falls can happen when getting in and out of the bathtub. Also grab bars can install to provide a solid, strong support. Security bars should do from institutional stainless steel, according to the University of Missouri Extension website. Different types of security bars, rails and poles have install, depending on the wall design, space around the tub, the plumbing is organize and needs of the person who will be using the handle. Roving older people will benefit from two types of support handles. A shower safety bars is used to get in and out of the bathtub or when standing. The second bar is useful for lowering or raising the body in the bathtub.

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