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Sink wrench is a tool for a single purpose: to remove and tighten the nuts that hold the faucet mounting on the underside of the sink. A long steel rod with a T handle at one end and a rotatable, spring-load jaw-like device at the other. Makes the sink key it is possible to reach the bolts are difficult to obtain from the bottom of the tap assembly. Often built with a robust steel handle. The basin key is also available with a telescopic steel handle, and there are also plastic models for single use. The design of the basin key makes it possible to work on both hex and square nuts.

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When replacing a faucet, there is usually no room to maneuver under the sink. And use a wrench or pliers to remove the faucet from the sink. By using a sink wrench, the nuts that hold the faucet on the sink to be almost effortlessly away. When the water supply is turn off and supply lines have remove from the base of the faucet with a wrench can be achieve using the key. And falls under the tap and also remove the mounting nuts.

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Vintage Sink WrenchSize: 992 x 661

Sink Wrench ToolkitSize: 1014 x 835

Sink Wrench SpannerSize: 800 x 600

Sink Wrench RemoveSize: 768 x 1024

Sink Wrench InstallSize: 924 x 924

Sink Wrench FaucetSize: 1000 x 1000

Sink Wrench BathroomSize: 999 x 1006

Popular Sink WrenchSize: 800 x 800

Old Sink WrenchSize: 752 x 1014

Luxury Sink WrenchSize: 990 x 666

DIY Sink WrenchSize: 998 x 748

Best Sink WrenchSize: 800 x 800

When nuts are removing and the unit can lift out of the sink wrench. The crane can then be easily maintain or replace when selecting a plumber. If repair and replacement of an original crane is usually recommended new bolts placed on the unit. When you install a new faucet valve is recommend by many manufacturers to use a small amount of anti-seize compound apply to the threads of the nut to prevent sticking. And promote easily remove in the future.

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