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Tall bar stools – The bar stool is a piece of furniture that not only timeless, but is increasingly used in decorating homes, as well as in catering establishments. The stool has gone from being an auxiliary or complementary element to other furniture to be a piece of its own, with many more applications than we can imagine. The stool, by definition, is a single seat without arms or back, which fulfills the same functions as a chair. The height of the stool depends on the use, to which it will give, but there are small stools, the height of a chair and even less, and high stools, type the stools hospitality.

Posted on October 21, 2017 Interiors Furniture

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If there is one word that defines the 40 inch tall bar stools as furniture is its versatility. Often they used as a seat, like a chair over a table, but you are also given other uses. The stools have started using, for example, as side tables. If the seat part is a flat part, it is used as a table supporting a central table or placed in spaces where a table does not fit for its size and the stool itself. Even they not always used as a side table but as central table in very small spaces in which the table-stool is used to support a cup, a laptop, a book.

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Given the height of many tall bar stools, sometimes also serve the function of exhibitors. Seat above the object you want to show and serve as a sort of lectern or table standing speaker. There are stools hospitality, by design and originality are a decorative element in them. That is, they do not fulfill the function of seat or support, or venue, but are simply beautiful aesthetically and are used as a decorative element in a corner of a home or in a local hostelry. Some even go on to become works of art and to be exposed as sculptures, alone or in pairs, interwoven, overlapping.

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An example of this in our catalog designer tall bar stools would be the Shiver stool, made of techno polymer, or Vintage stool, made of metal and lacquered antiqued. The eco-ideas with pallets could not be more fashionable, we can find many ingenious ideas based on these practices wooden structures. Chairs, boxes, mattresses, tables, the options seem never to end. Well, now comes the moment of the stools. Following the line of multi-functional furniture, this design tall bar stool can become inseparable in more than one technophile.