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Tempered glass panels – Tempered glass panels providing security for people and animals. Like in areas where regular glasses tend to be dangerous. Tempered glass has properties that make it as much as five times stronger than standard glass. Tempered glass will not break into dangerous sharp shards when broken. Instead, tempered glass tend to shatter into oval stone all at once. Tempered glass panels are more durable than Plexiglas. It is important to consider in residential areas when a stray bullet can hit a solar panel.

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A crack in a tempered glass panel will not prevent solar cells from working properly. New construction must meet building code requirements. This for the installation of tempered glass panels in windows and doors in certain areas. Many existing structure and add-ons, such as terraces covered or premises. They may require the use of tempered glass in the rebuilt areas as determined by the codes.

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The International Building Code that fences and walls enclosing spas, hot tubs or swimming pools. They must have tempered glass panels in places. With the bottom of the glass sets smaller than 60 inches above the walking surface and within 60 inches horizontally from the water’s edge. This rule applies to single and multiple panes.