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Plastic beverage tub – With this heat, who do not feel like drinking something very cold? More and more weddings are held outdoors where we need to be very careful when cool drinks. There is nothing worse than a beer or a glass of warm white wine. So today these ideas we propose to keep all your wine. In a little larger party, most operating is to put a self. Service drinks and that everyone is going to serve your taste.

Posted on December 13, 2017 Hardware

The trend vintage retro world and gaining strength and it is normal that many ideas conform to the decoration of weddings, for example using plastic beverage tub. Right now they are very quick quotation, we say it because I have searched thoroughly in a thousand places, so we want to give you some ideas that may serve to complete that vintage decor that want to give your wedding. Mainly they used to get drinks inside, like a refrigerator, with ice cubes.

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Plastic Beverage TubSize: 1390 x 2000

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The good thing is that the drinks are in sight and the guests easily catch whatever they want. It is an idea aim at more casual weddings, buffet style, where you will create a corner with personalized that will surprise your guests. The material of the tub can be vary, but we love us plastic beverage tub. Outdoor are perfect. If you find yourself in any color, consider combining well with the rest of the wedding colors.  Although the capacity is lower, it will be great.