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Shower curtain hook – The most popular and easily accessible style shower curtain hook is a decorative style. These hooks has a decorative piece attached to a single U-shaped hook. The decorative piece hanging on the front of the shower curtain, while hook weaves through the shower curtain holes. And the shower rod allows the curtain to slide along the curtain rod.

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You can use decorative shower curtain hook to found to match virtually any bathroom or decorative taste. The price will depend on the quality and brand of hooks. Which are typically sold in sets of 12 at discount, big box, department and home good stores. A split curtain hook allows to hang your shower curtain liner on one part of the hook and the shower curtain. And on the other hand allows for a small separation between the two.

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The hook technology is still the same as it slides over the top of the rod makes it possible to move along the curtain rod. The unusual design of this hook, you can easily remove or replace the liner without having to take hooks or curtain off the rod. Bath specialty stores and department stores sells split shower curtain hook in 12 sets .