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Metal stair railing – For those lucky people who may live in a duplex, loft, chalet or multi – storey detached house, today I propose a very special a touch of design to your ladder mode: focus on the handrail. Usually forgotten element in the design of stairs, we offer the latest trends modern and avant – garde rails that will make our staircase and text.

Posted on November 4, 2017 Decor Ideas

Metal stair railing and handrail is one of the defining elements of a ladder. Typically consisting of a handrail more or less conventional than is supported both at the ends and along the stairs for several vertical bars. Although you have to do without them (as with some flown stairs) usually always present, if only as a guardrail, especially if the flights of stairs have a certain height. It is therefore not only an aesthetic but practical element that helps us to support us as we climb the steps, either because we have made a sprain, because we have older people at home or for convenience.

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However, despite its design so far it has been most conservative; it is an element that can be applied to a lot of creativity when planning creative reform. Modernist or minimalist, wardrobes, ropes, wood or stone, air options are as wide as the imagination.  Such designs with “embedded” handrails on the walls flanking the stairs allow us to generate a point of very attractive and modern attention. Whether in stone, wood, metal stair railing or a combination thereof, they are also perfect candidates to apply retro illumination as we shall see in the next section.

We have already commented on more than one occasion how light, wherever it is used, decorates itself any space and the  lighting of stairs  was not going to be an exception. Backlit handrail designs give a dynamic character to this space, achieving an indirect light perfect for your travel, additionally acting as an orientation light that leads the way. Backlight a handrail is simple: One option is to make up to volume on the walls, be they of wood, stone or smooth walls, placing strips of light in the gaps left for this purpose. Another way to give originality to our ladder is to stop in the form of metal stair railing and handrail. Today these designs are much sought after for its appeal and originality, and not always be a sharp rise project because it allows us to reuse parts or remaining material of construction of the ladder. When the handrail is entirely in the same material, showing no virtually together, the finish is homogeneous and creates a powerful visual impact.

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