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Undermount tub – Bath installed either as a drop-in, as an undermount or in an alcove. All three types require the installer to build structural design to support it.  Bath comes in many types, including prefabricated units. Prefabricate swimming consists of mature pods were designed by manufacturers to fit into an existing bathtub frame. A variety of options are prefabricate bath, including undermount tubs and drop-in tubs.

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Drop-in undermount tub get their name from the fact that they drop into place. When you install a drop-in bathtub, put your device into a bathtub frame from above. Drop-in tubs always possess wheels, which catches on the edge of the bathtub frame to hold it in place. The rim locates above the level of the tub and the tub frame. After dropping the tub in place, connect the plumbing and apply a waterproof sealant or caulk around the edge of the unit to prevent leakage.

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Amazing Undermount TubSize: 1014 x 760

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As a result, undermount tub installed from below, rather than above. With bath, installation of an undermount tub requires access to the framework of the tub, usually by removing the upper frame. Apply seal or sealant around the lip of the tub when you connect it to the frame to prevent leakage. And also replace all the framing elements removed to install the bathtub. After installation and undermount tub. Apply more caulk around the junction between the tub rim and further protection for leakage.

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