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Wall mount kitchen faucet – Required under the code of toilets but not for sinks, water shutoffs are good to have in place at every sink in your home. Install them on the standard vanities are simple. Water supply shutoffs are important for wall-mount faucets, too, but they are harder to install. Wall mounted faucet sets attached to the wall above the pool, or on the wall of a shower. Cold water faucets are often mount on the outer walls.

Posted on December 5, 2017 Hardware

Wall mount kitchen faucet adds a modern, elegant look to your bathroom. Instead of rising out of the sink or countertop for your bathroom vanity. But extending faucet from the wall behind the sink. It is usually flanked by hot and cold water faucets. Since you do not see any water supply lines with a wall-mount faucet, it is particularly suitable for use with a hanging vanity.

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A wall mount kitchen faucet is easiest to install when building a bathroom, before installing drywall. When working in the room shell, the process is similar to installing a shower or tub faucet that extends from the wall. If you plan to put a vessel sink in the bathroom. Maybe a wall mount kitchen faucet is worthwhile, since it complements the sink look.