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Expandable round dining table – Whatever the reason, a wall-mounted table at a hinge may be the perfect solution to your dining table dilemma. Get a table, whether it’s a bargain at a thrift store or something salvaged from the trash day. You need an older table, about 4 meters in diameter, which pulls apart to expand by putting in the leaves.

Posted on October 31, 2017 Hardware

The turntable up and down on the floor. Use the screwdriver to remove all the hardware in the middle of the table that design to extend the table. Remove any screws that fix legs in cups, but leave the cups expandable round dining table. Mount the table to the wall with his legs installed. Two or more people may be necessary at this point. Make a line on the wall to mark the top edge of the table when it is level.

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Put table back on the floor and screw three hinges on the raw edge of the table. Keep the table back up against the wall and screw the other half of the hinges to the wall. Lift the table slightly to remove the bones from their cups. Then gently lower the table surface hanging down against the wall and out of the way. When the table is needed again, to lift up the expandable round dining table top and put the bones in place.