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Sink drain stopper – Drain is of course primarily for water consume. The toilet drain is further adapt to carry away the excrement and some toilet paper. The flags include stoppers to keep items from falling down in the tubes and sticks. Sometimes, it can sink drains get clog with hair. In this case, you must remove the sink plug to clean out the hair. Your sink stopper may need a good cleaning yourself. Once you determine what type of sink plug you have, you can easily remove it.

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Remove the ring clots by simply pulling on the ring and lift up. These plugs are not as common anymore, but sometimes used as a substitute when your sink drain stopper plug goes bad. Screw the pop-up stoppers. These clots usually have a black seal around them. The close and open when you press them. To unscrew the pop-up stopper, turning it to the left.

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Look behind the sink drain stopper for a rod that is secured with a nut. This type of contact is quite common. If you unscrew the nut, the rod will come off and you can just pull out. This will release the sink stopper. Go back to the top of the sink and remove the plug straight out.

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